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 What to bring

Although the hills in the UK are not high in altitude, they are high in latitude.  Add a predominantly Atlantic based weather pattern to that and the only thing you can be sure of is that the weather will be changeable.  Hill walking safety is paramount on all our outdoor activities.  As well as being safe, we also want you to have a comfortable and enjoyable day, so we ask that you bring with you the following essential items.

Hill clothing should be based based on the recommendations below.  You may not end up wearing everything on the list, but you should have it available when out on the hill.
Base layer vest
- Shirt
- Fleece
- Waterproof jacket/trousers
- Suitable hill boots, with good sole pattern  (Trail shoes may be an acceptable alternative - please check if in doubt)
- Hat
- Gloves

- Please note that denim jeans are not suitable for our activities

All these things should be carried in a small rucksack (20-30 litres should do)

As well as spare clothing your rucksack should contain: - 
-Spare warm clothing (To be used during stops, delays, emergencies, etc.)
- Water (Up to 2 litres in summer conditions)
- Flask and warm drink in colder conditions
- Food
- Personal first aid kit and any medications required

We also advise that you carry the following:-
- survival bag
- whistle

You may also wish to bring the following optional items: -
-Walking poles
- Camera
- Sit mat
- Hot weather kit (Shorts, sun screen, sun glasses and hat, insect repellent)

Don't hesitate to contact us for further advice.

The leader of the walk holds a valid Mountain Leader Certificate and a current First Aid Certificate. A first aid kit and a group survival shelter are also carried. All of the walks are risk assessed.  


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